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Well-known for its American-Vietnamese fusion in cooking for the last 28 years in the business, Khanh's restaurant gained its recognition from not only the Vietnamese but also around the Bay Area communities' patronage.

The original Khanh's restaurant, a twelve-table eatery, opened in June 1981 on Town & Country Village in San Jose, California by the family of Mr. Khoi Dao and Mrs. My-Anh Tang.

Being so successful, the family expanded its business from 24-seat to 150-seat serving facility in a few years, 1987 and later to 250-seat eatery in 1993.

Another remarkable gain to the family business was made when restaurant moved to the new building located across the old location, which was eventually replaced by the Santana Row in 1999.

Current Khanh's restaurant is located in an on-site parking Georgian town-house, elegantly furnished throughout in European-Vietnamese style with rich colors which are accented by beautiful Vietnamese fine arts, teak furnishings and colonial claddings. There are four dining sections, conveniently arranged for either family/small-group parties or just a couple dining. In addition, alfresco dining is provided on the well-looking terrace at the front of the restaurant offering views of Winchester Boulevard and its vicinity.

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